MasterChef Season 4 – Krissi Goes Home!

Krissy Goes Home on MasterChefIn case you missed it this past week on Season 4 of MasterChef it was quite a show.

Why? Well because Krissi goes home! That’s right, many of you along with us having been waiting for this moment all season long.

Somewhere between her exaggerated Italian accent, the constant bitching and of course always wanting to literally box with the other contestants, she became so damn annoying it was hard to even watch when she was on the screen.

Krissi vs Jessie on MasterChef

It came down to a pressure test between Krissi and Jessie. They had to create three stunning chocolate dishes that the judges requested and although it was fairly close, Jessie pulled out ahead and sent that annoyingly fake woman home.

Sometimes TV does work out the way all of us want it to and someone who spent the season making the run of the mill pizzeria styled fare didn’t make it through.

So what’s your take? Am I being too hard on Krissi? Did you want her to become the winner of MasterChef?