A.O. Smith, Lowes and the Water Heater Debacle

Ordering a water heater online is easy enough and that’s just what I did. I placed an order on Lowes.com for an A.O. Smith Liquid Propane Water Heater and had it delivered to my house. After a one week delay in delivery the heater finally arrived. However due to the pandemic installation took a bit longer and after a month it was finally time.

Opening up the box however proved to be a huge surprise — it was the wrong water heater! Literally inside the factory sealed box was a Natural Gas Water Heater and not the Liquid Propane Water Heater by A.O. Smith that I had ordered.

This is Dangerous

For those that don’t know, that is an incredibly dangerous situation to be in. If the water heater had been installed by mistake that could have resulted in an explosion and/or carbon monoxide poisoning. What does that mean? This factory mistake could have caused major bodily harm or worse yet, it could have killed someone.

At this point I am currently trying to get a proper replacement for this but have so far been given the run around. Typically I’m an easy going customer, do my research to ensure I buy the right products and rarely ever do a return or exchange for anything.

However this was an over $700 purchase after delivery fees and taxes. Not to mention, this was a mistake done by A.O. Smith, not by me and not even by Lowes. The only way someone would know is if they opened the box before hand, which you’re not allowed to do. In fact it states on the box not to open it until it’s moved into place for installation.

Well that’s exactly what was done only to find a Natural Gas Water Heater packaged inside a box for a Liquid Propane Water Heater! All I’d like is for someone to please give me the LP Water Heater I ordered or refund me my money.

This is a major mistake by the A.O. Smith company that clearly should be corrected. When a product you sell involves dangerous gases to operate, it should be triple checked before it ever leaves the factory.

Updates on the Lowes/A.O. Smith Debacle

I’ll keep everyone posted and let you know how it all turns out. All I know is being without a water heater for over a month isn’t any fun especially when you’ve spent nearly a thousand dollars only to receive a product that wasn’t what you purchased in the first place. This is crazy dangerous and frustrating. Follow the saga on twitter @realmallyv.

Short Version: Customer purchased a Liquid Propane Water Heater from Lowes by A.O. Smith but received a box for a LP Water Heater with a Natural Gas Water Heater inside.

The featured article was submitted by @realmallyv on twitter.