Google and Apple accused of removing Palestine from their maps

Peeps in the social media world are accusing Google and Apple of removing Palestine from their map services with many tweeting under the hashtag #FreePalestine.

The reaction of the Arab public and the free people of the world against the Israeli journalists in the World Cup in Qatar is a clear ...message to Israel that everyone does not accept criminal behavior against the Palestinians,and these crimes must be put to an end.

بنجلللط يا عاللم ثلاث ارباع اللي اشوفهم في تويتر قاعدين يدافعون عن المذيع ...الصهيوني بنهارر خلاصص اول شي قلت يمكن حسابات وهمية وبعدين اشوف دكاترة كبار وعجايز! مسويين حمامة السلام الله يفتح عقلهم يارب ويفهمهم لأني مو قادرة ارد الصراحة

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