Clattr Guidelines

Clattr is a place to share news, stories, funny stuff, whatever you’re into, interesting things or whatever else you want with the community. Keeping that in mind, mixed with a teaspoon of commonsense, will ensure you never run into problems with the community guidelines.

Clattr is for the Following:

Reading, Blogging, Hanging Out, Pinning, Posting and Sharing with Others.

What can you do? Share your thoughts, a cute cat meme you found, selfies, let us all see your holiday creations, promote gatherings, share news stories, groups, recipes or anything else you want to share! It’s limitless what you can do with clattr.

What are you waiting for? Go make some Clattr!

Clattr is Not for Any of the Following:

  • Cyber Stalking: Don’t harass, stalk or purposely do anything that would leave someone feeling concerned about their safety.
  • Hate Speech: We are cool with joking around, poking fun and all sorts of stuff but do not participate in threats, trying to incite violence or any other forms of off the charts maliciousness.
  • Harm to Yourself, Minors and Others: Mental illnesses, eating disorders or other personal struggles are no laughing matter and are definitely not something to be glorified whatsoever, neither is harm to yourself, minors or anyone else.
  • Non-Attribution: If you found something you want to share on Clattr, that’s awesome! but please give credit where it is due. Always use the proper source links (URL/LINK) to the original content creator.
  • Prohibited Content: Please don’t post, share or link to anything that involves violence, hard drugs, gore, animal cruelty (even if it’s for awareness!) or anything else that could be considered disgusting, shocking or plain crazy to the majority of people. Also do not post any links to gambling, hacking, pharmaceutical or other related sites/content, they add little value and just tend to annoy people.
  • Spam & Advertising Schemes: We love non-profits, church groups, charities, local businesses, artisans and entrepreneurs! Feel free to post or share your goods and services but don’t go all out spamming or copy/pasting the same post repeatedly. Advertising and promotion are one thing but spamming non-stop just isn’t cool.
  • Trademark & Copyright Infringement: It’s against the law, so just please don’t do it. Only use content when you have the right to do so, either from the holder of trademarked or copyrighted work, or in certain circumstances when it’s allowed such as via the fair use doctrine or for news aggregation and personal commentary. DMCA requests are a hassle for everyone, so if you don’t do it then we don’t need to remove it 🙂
  • Be Cool: All we ask is that everyone use common sense so that we can create an open, free, cool community that we can all enjoy together without the need for all the censorship. Join the Clattr!

We reserve the right to amend this at anytime according to our terms of service.