3 Winter Fashion Trends To Try This Season

With weather getting colder it’s time to check out some new winter fashion trends because there’s no better time to try out some new looks.

I always get excited when the temperatures start to get cooler, Christmas decorations begin to pop up in the stores, and when Christmas music starts playing on the radio. However, my favorite transition into the holiday season is the fashion.

Here are 3 adorable winter fashion trends to try this season:

Oversize Plaid Shirts

Wear them unbuttoned and long – sort of like a tunic. I love the idea of layering plaid shirts over basic tank tops or over hoodies for a trendy, modern look. Plaid shirts look best when worn with skinny jeans or leggings in my opinion.

Denim Vests

While browsing winter fashion trends online, lately I have seen a lot of white wash denim vests layered over thin sweaters or tops – I think this is super cute, and looks fabulous when worn with dark skinny jeans, knee high boots, and accessorized with a cozy, wool scarf for extra warmth.

Tartan Scarves

Typically in plaid, tartan scarves are an adorable way to dress up any outfit and stay warm, too. Wear tartan scarves rolled up (sort of like the infinity scarf look), draped over your shoulders, layered like a scarf, and more. There are dozens of ways that you can rock a tartan scarf!

There you have it! These are 3 fashion trends that are sure to be a hit so why not be the first to check them out. Stay warm everyone!