College Fashion Trends and Tips

Who’s ready to rock some new college fashion trends?

Summer is over for now (damn it!), college is back in session and the Fall/Winter season is finally here! New seasons mean new clothes, new styles and new trends, right? Hell yeah and more shopping!

As the temperatures drop, the need for layering is getting much harder to avoid. Many exciting new trends came out this year and a few things stayed the same but there have been some new twists for the colder months ahead of us. So now is the time to start planning more than just our class schedules, we need to plan for some cute new looks too.

Did anyone say you can’t wear happy colors like pink or yellow in Fall or that you have to stay away from your favorite sparkly pieces because it’s not 90 outside? Forget those outdated rules and strut right outside of the box this season with these college fashion trends and tips to looking your best on campus.

Now let’s jump to what’s hot right now and some must have pieces to incorporate into your personal style and make it even prettier than before, if you don’t like the term pretty then just pretend I said better and check out these college trends!


Bell Sleeved Tops

This season is all about sleeves. Tops and dresses with bell long sleeves are a must. They manage to give a feminine touch to any casual outfit. You can combine them with other simple pieces in order to make them really stand out.


Plaid Shirts

Plaid shirts were always in fashion, some may beg to differ but they’re wrong and guess what, they are in for this season as well! A little change you can throw into the mix is to get one with funny patches attached or attach your own. Major trend alert! Trust me.


Fancy Sweatshirts

College clothing is all about being comfy. That makes sweatshirts the perfect choice. You can wear even the craziest styles and look perfectly pretty! With big sleeves, crazy colors or bows, you can’t go wrong with a classic comfy sweatshirt.


Two Toned Jeans

We all love jeans; that’s not anything new but jeans have become a lot more interesting this Fall. Fancy cuts and two tones in the same pair, are one of the hottest trends right now. If you happen to see some two toned jeans, grab them immediately!


Velvet and Metallic

Velvet and metallics, are for sure the fabrics to consider if you want to make a statement with your outfit. You can wear them in all of their forms; shoes, jewelry (chokers), scarves, or even blouses. You’ll look amazing not matter what when you add a sparkly splash to that outfit guaranteed.


Embellished Jackets

Well, our beloved denim jackets, got fancier! With graffiti-like painting on the back, a furry collar, or with as many patches attached as possible, you will surely look awesome if you rock one this season and will be ahead of the trends!


Ankle Boots

Ankle boots with a comfortable heel height (forget 3 inch heels!) are certainly the shoe of the year! Different colors, fabrics and styles, they are all must-haves. It’s the perfect choice if you want to look put-together while walking around the campus and not having worry about rocking big heels, makes for a comfortable pair of boots. You’ll love this especially if you attend college in one of the snowier areas.


So there you have it, the latest college fashion trends and tips! Which one is your favorite? Will you go for the crazier styles or keep it more traditional? Either way, rock whatever suits you best, forget the outdated rules and have fun with your fashion!