Do You Need a Business Lawyer for Your Startup

So you’re ready to fire up that new startup and now you’re wondering if you need a business lawyer before you even get started. Well don’t fret about it to much because it’s a question all new entrepreneurs ask themselves in the beginning stages.

Fortunately under most circumstances you can forgo that costly lawyer and focus on getting that business off the ground.

Of course there are circumstances that you definitely would want a business lawyer from the get go such as anything deal with patents, your own doctors office or shall we say higher risk endeavors but if you’re getting into those type fields, you should already be expecting the need for an attorney initially.

But for those of you looking to start a laundromat, launch a website or open a small restaurant need not milk your startup capital dry so soon. You’ll probably find the majority of your work will be looking up information from the IRS, local chambers of commerce and of course the codes department and zoning boards. All of which you can easily do yourself.

Utilizing Free Resources Instead of Business Lawyers

Launching a company can seem overly confusing as much as it is exciting but do no there are plenty of people and resources ready to help.

For one the Small Business Administration is an absolute wealth of knowledge as is their SCORE program, both of which are a must for those looking to get started.

The thing that is nice about SCORE is you can actually get in touch in person, telephone or via email with people who have worked in your industry or even had companies of their own in the same field.

Not only is it free but these are fellow entrepreneurs that get as excited about new ideas as you do, so they are eager to help you succeed.

Those two sources plus the IRS website should load you up on more than enough information to get you moving and down the road as you become more established then it’ll become a GREAT idea to look into hiring up the services of a competent business lawyer.

The one thing you’ll certainly find out on your path to business ownership is that there is only one way to truly learn and get things rolling and that’s to jump on in and get started.