FBI searching Fayetteville home linked to two missing people

Investigators have progressed into a new phase in their quest for two individuals who vanished years ago in Fayetteville. On Monday, FBI agents and law enforcement personnel commenced a search of a residence situated on Berriedale Drive.

WRAL News confirmed that this search was linked to the case of Blake and London Deven.

London Deven, presently 27, was last sighted in Fayetteville in 2019. Investigators released a photograph of London dating back to approximately 2007, when she was roughly 12 years old.

Another individual, Blake Deven, now 17, is also reported missing. Authorities have not disclosed the nature of the relationship between the two.

On Monday, the FBI executed a search warrant to thoroughly investigate the residence, in collaboration with Fayetteville police and forensic teams.

Although the current occupants of the home are not connected to the investigation, it was previously owned by the Deven family, as per police statements. Nevertheless, the current occupants are fully cooperating with the ongoing investigation.