Survival Shelters Guide

The world didn’t end in 2012, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t still prepare. Survival Shelters are something that everyone beginner to advanced should know how construct in case of emergency.

This skill is useful not only in alien invasion, but if you are stranded, get lost hiking, or God forbid anything worse. Of course constructing Survival Shelters will be different in every instance. Many factors would contribute to the type of Survival Shelters that you would be able to build.Climate, geographic location, tools available, whether you our your companions are injured etc.

I will be providing a link to a wonderful site that gives a run down of the different types of Survival Shelters, and the skills and tools needed. They have detailed instructions for the most basic of Survival Shelters, the simple lean-to,up to more advanced Survival Shelters.

Survival Shelters Will You Be Left In The Cold?

No matter what the circumstance you should always be prepared, you never want to get caught in a bad situation, with no food, no water, and no protection from the elements.I will be bringing our readers much more information on staying prepared, keeping a low profile, and being able to procure the items that you need to survive.

Also we will strive to be budget conscious when we do provide tips, you will not need to buy a $3000 dollar walking stick in order to survive trust us.