All Saints Day Drink Recipe the Saints Dreamsicle

All of our friends down in Mexico are celebrating All Saints Day on the first of November so why not join in the fun with this All Saints Day drink recipe for the Saints Dreamsicle.

If you love that orange and vanilla goodness then you’re definitely going to dig this drink. If you want to try the smoothie version of it – you’ll need to get yourself some of this first and then skip the soda in this recipe and just use the orange juice and vodka.

Saints Dreamsicle Ingredients:

2 Shots of Vanilla Vodka

3 Shots of Pure Orange Juice

Orange Soda to Taste (As Much as You Want)

Preparation: This is as easy as can be to make, so go ahead and pour your vodka and orange juice into your glasses. Next fill it on up with the orange soda to whatever level tastes best for you and you’re finished! Now you can get your sip on All Saints Day.