Election Day Drink Recipes: The Presidente

To help you relax on Election Day, you should try out one of our Election Day drink recipes! This recipe will help turn a day of pure agony, nerves and annoyance into a night of enjoyment and talking gibberish.

Election Day Drink Recipes: The Presidente Mix

You’ll find this drink to be super easy to make and if you’re at a bar – they should know how to make this anyway.


    • 2 Shots of White Rum
    • 1 Shot of Red Vermouth
    • 1/3 Shot of Dry Vermouth
    • 1 Tsp of Grenadine Syrup
    • 1 Orange Slice and a Cherry (optional)


Fill up an old-fashioned with ice (preferably crushed) and sit aside. Next in a separate glass combine all your liquids and stir it until completely combined.

Pour the mix into your glass (use a strainer if you have one) and then garnish with your orange slice and cherry.

Now you’ll be ready to rock in the election day results with one of our Election Day drink recipes. If you find yourself lacking bar tools or simply dreaming of whipping up drinks like Tom Cruise in Cocktail then you should check out this bar set that’s perfect for the newbies.