Cook a Burger Like a Boss: Cook Times Included


Are you ready to learn how to cook a burger like a boss? I sure as hell hope so because today we’re going to break it down with cook times included. Ever notice how no one just gives you the damn cook times? Just tell me how long to do this already, ya know?

When it comes to ground beef, it’s difficult to think of a better way to prepare it than in burger form. But like with all things delicious, you have to do it right or it just ends up being a disappointment. We’ve all had that moment where we are craving a juicy burger only to end up with a hockey puck or something all raw in the middle.

Now lets cut to the chase and get cooking some burgers!

Cook a Burger Like a Culinary King Pin

First lets start right off with cooking these things on the stove. We will get to grilling in a later article (coming soon) and other methods but there’s nothing faster or used more often than a good ole’ range and a frying pan.

Pan Frying Method

Cook Times

Rare to Medium: 4-5 Minutes Each Side

Medium to Well: 6-9 Minutes Each Side

Tip 1: Keep the seasoning to a minimum. Many people instantly start pulling out the onion powder, crushed red pepper and whatever else they can grab. Fight that feeling and skip all of that, instead opting for just salt, pepper and maybe some garlic powder.

If you don’t have a recipe or what not in mind — you’ll want to skip the seasoning and let the taste of the beef shine or in other words, guarantee it doesn’t come out tasting funky.

Tip 2: Make your burgers the right size. You want to use about 5 to 8 oz of beef per hamburger or about one fat ice cream scoop. When you shape them or press them out, leave them about an inch thick or so. Remember to make the patty a bit larger than you want it to end up — they always shrink a touch.

Tip 3: Put a dimple in the center. Once your burgers are formed, press a dimple into the center of it. This will keep your burger from shrinking and curling up all weird as you cook them.

Ever had a burger start out big and then it cooks down to a third or ends up with a huge middle section? This should take care of those issues for you.

Tip 4: A hot pan. Warm up a cast iron skillet or whatever you have kicking around, on medium heat until you see it kick off a touch of smoke. Don’t wanna wait? Drop in a drop of water, if it sizzles then you’re ready to drop in the burgers. You want to make sure you get a good seat on the meat, so check periodically to make sure you’re getting that dark brown goodness forming.

Tip 5: Cook it right. For a normal burger it’s going to take about 8 minutes to get them done up right. Give or take a couple depending on your personal preference.

Seem a bit dry or just want to kick up the flavor? Cut a thin pad of butter and place it right on top of it. As it melts down into the pan, scoop it up with a spoon and right back over the top of them until you’re ready to serve.

Tip 6: Want some cheese with that? Just lay a slice of your favorite cheese over the top, throw a lid over it and wait for it to melt.

If you want to be extra picky, let it rest for a few minutes before serving it up chef style.

Now just serve, enjoy and you’re done.

Have a favorite burger recipe or cooking technique you’d like to share? Brag about it in the comments section below.