Government Shutdown: It Doesn’t Need to Be Ugly

So it continues on into another day of hardcore rhetoric from both sides of the political divide but the government shutdown of 2013 doesn’t need to be ugly. In fact it could come to end very quickly if both sides would simply be rationale and do what the people of the country way for a change.

After a week of nonstop coverage, all of us are well verse on the topics of conversation; Obama doesn’t want to budge on his health care plan and republicans don’t want to allow further spending, borrowing and ultimately higher amounts of debt without concessions from the White House.

The thing is republicans need to understand that the majority of Americans (minus the wealthy, they never apply in these equations) do want affordable healthcare coverage and on top of that, Obamacare is the main aspect of President Obama’s legacy in office so why on earth would they expect that he’d want to discuss putting an end to it.

On the other hand republicans aren’t wrong for wanting to decrease spending, borrowing and debt because just like when you apply the financial logic to an average American household, increased spending and raking up debt on credit cards to cover it never ends well. But the fact of the matter is they can’t expect the President to get rid of Obamacare when he is proud of what he accomplished and truly believes it will help poverty stricken Americans. Whether or not it will, well honestly it’s far to early to make that judgement call.

Every new change will come with glitches and bumps in the road but you must give things time to determine their level of success. I’m sure that if you were to ask the POTUS, if he would object the repealing Obamacare if it’s an utter failure a few years from now, he’d say of course he would. Who wouldn’t want to get rid of something that turns out to be toxic but at this point no one can know for certain.

Compromise Comes from Mutual Respect

If Democrats and Republicans want to truly put an end to the back and forth, childish bickering they will have to sit their extremist views aside (i.e. Boehner, McConnell, Feinstein, Pelosi, Reid) and focus on the real beliefs of each party, not the extremist views. Republicans need to understand they can’t do away with Obamacare when it hasn’t been around long enough to determine it’s success, so they should be instead compromising and seeking concessions in other areas such as perks for small business or taxes.

Perhaps if they’d stop targeting the key aspect of a President’s time in office they’d have much better luck plus the President has already stated he would talk with them but it’s obvious he just doesn’t want to negotiate anything about the healthcare law.

There are a plethora of topics the republicans could focus on instead such as backing off gun control legislation and tax breaks for American citizens instead of continuing to focus on (cry about) the President not wanting to repeal Obamacare.

Ultimately both sides need to simply take a step back and look at values of the people and compromise based upon those views.

So I’m sorry to say it republicans, it’s time to quit pestering him about the healthcare law when it hasn’t been given a chance to work. Instead lets move forward and show the world this government shutdown crisis doesn’t need to be ugly and in fact can end peacefully and fairly.