10 Good Parenting Skills for New Moms and More

Good parenting skills are still acquired with time like anything else. To become the best parent we must remember to keep on learning. Parenting is not something that can be taught in a school unfortunately it takes experience and time.

You can become the best parent you can be by taking your first step towards being the “better parent” by checking out the 10 suggested ways that can help to improve your parenting skills below.


10 Tips to Good Parenting Skills


1. Be a Good Listener

It is essential to understand your child and for this it is important for parents to listen. Many continue to explain and do not give the child the opportunity to explain his fears, anxieties and doubts. Be sure to give your full and undivided attention to your child when they communicate with you.


2. Show Your Unconditional Love

It is obvious that all parents love their children, but it is also necessary to show your love and affection visibly. After all, adults, much less a child aren’t mind readers! A hug and a few words every day can make your child feel loved. At the same time, the child will feel safe and happy.


3. Spend Quality Time with Your Children

There is a difference between “spending time” and “quality time”. As a parent, you should try to make the most of your time with your interacting with your children, namely, playing games, telling stories or even just discussing topics together with them. This will strengthen your emotional bond with your child.


4. Be Firm, Fair and Friendly

It is important to decide the disciplinary rules at home. The rules should be fair and equitable and the punishment for breaking a rule should not be too severe. However, in all cases the communication must be amicably non-threatening and non-abusive. Your child should respect you and not be afraid of you.


5. Be Firm with Your Rules and Limits

Do not make rules just for the sake of them! It is necessary to establish firm limits and stick with it.  Do not change the rules frequently at their convenience. If you strictly follow the rules that you created, it sends a strong signal to your child to respect his or her parents.


6. Set a Remarkable Example to Your Kids

A parent is the first and foremost role model of a child and we don’t want to be bad examples to our children. What you tell your child, is what you should follow also. As it is rightly said, a child can learn less from what you say and more what are you doing. Be a role model for your child in every way you can.


7. Use Appreciation, Not Condemnation

It is very positive as well as important to show your appreciation of your child. Instead of always telling your kids what not to do, instead explain to them why you would like them to do certain things in certain ways.

Explain to them why you would appreciate it and why it’s important. Remember to also praise and give them appropriate recognition for all the good work they do. Do reward them for their good deeds; it ensures that this behavior is repeated.


8. Be Open to Learning More, Always

Always keep on finding information about good parenting and keep on learning! You can read books on parenting, search the internet for some advice or just learn from your peers. There is always room for improvement and we never stop learning as parents. Any seasoned parent will tell you that.


9. Put Yourself in Your Child’s Shoes

Before judging the behavior of your children, it is necessary to understand their points of view. Remember how you were when you were a child. Always give them a chance to explain their behavior. It is easy to judge, but more rewarding to be more lenient and understanding with them.


10. Be Patient with Yourself and Your Child

Always remember that Rome was not built in a day. Don’t expect your child to change overnight or expect them to act perfectly. All children make mistakes (we adults do too). It all takes time and change comes over time. This is one of the most important tips of all; be as patient as you can.


You’re Not Alone!

Good parenting skills take time to acquire but all of us have it in us naturally to become to parents we want to be. So stay in tune with yourself, your child and hopefully these tips can help you adjust to your new lifestyle as a parent!

And remember, times may seem tough here and there but raising a child truly properly is truly a blessing, you’ll see that yourself when the chaos calms down a bit. Trust me, any mother can relate with those initial months, you’re not alone.