Converted Bus Brings Fresh Veggies to Low-Income Neighborhoods

Now this is how you convert a bus for a good cause! Up in Toronto a converted bus now brings fresh veggies to low-income neighborhoods that typically have less access to such goods.

In regards to keeping the areas flush with produce those in charge of the program said,

Everything from broccoli and lettuce, to apples and onions or other fruits and vegetables are available when the bus comes to town, twice per week.

Now at least twice per week they can get access to fresh and nutritious foods for their families. The only downside is that the upkeep of the bus and the labor behind it has made the fruits and vegetables come to these areas at not much of a bargain at all and often higher priced.

So although the idea isn’t perfect and locally owned & managed gardens or distributors could do the same at a savings to shoppers, at least they are getting access that they didn’t have prior. Plus I absolutely love the looks of that bus!