Quest for the Lost Civilization by Graham Hancock

Imagine for a second that Christopher Columbus wasn’t the first man in the Americas… Wait a minute I think we all realize that but according to Graham Hancock in his documentary film, Quest for the Lost Civilization, it goes much deeper than that when it comes to the growth and complexity of society as a whole.

In fact much of what we think we know about the advancement of our modern societies might all be completely false or in the least way off track.

From the Great Pyramids of Egypt to the Jungles of Cambodia, he takes us on an epic journey to some of the most fascinating and straight up mind blowing structures you have ever seen. Along the way he lays out the mysterious connections between all of them that leads to the controversial theory that their was an even greater, lost civilization that is responsible for much of this.

Of course it’s only controversial to those thick headed college professor types that won’t dare to deviate from the text book — we know how accurate and factual those things are. Check out this documentary for yourself but allow some time for it because this bad boy is over 2 hours long but interesting as hell.

Personal Opinion: This is the perfect thing to watch when you’re headed to bed. Just lay there, have your mind blown and quite possibly some of the scariest frigging nightmares you’ve ever experienced.