News Outlets Call Donald Trump a “F-ggot”

No one has ever taken Donald Trump serious as a candidate but News Outlets are taking the opportunity to now call him a “f-ggot” of all things over his comments about illegal immigrants. Here’s how it went down.

El Chapo, the Mexican drug lord recently escaped from prison and apparently he wanted to run right to twitter and tweet the Donald according an article from the bluffington post.

Obviously everyone knows that Donald Trump said things about illegal immigrants that pissed off most of the communists and socialists in the United States because it struck a chord with them but come on now. How is anyone supposed to believe a billionaire drug lord gives a shit about twitter or Donald Trump?

If you’re naive you can believe the spin that yahoo news let come out on their website about the whole incident or you can believe the most seemingly obvious answer which is that the twitter account is fake and the out of touch news outlets are using it as a scape goat to forgo their own politically correct bullshit — in other words so they can call, Trump, a faggot on a mass scale.

According to one source, news outlets are actually using fake twitter accounts so they can tweet messages out so they can “report” on them later. They believe it’s their way around “lying”.

Just check out a few of the articles and see for yourself how homophobic and pathetic these news channels have become:

Yahoo Article via Reuters

Huffington Post

Latino Post

And there are infinite others that are jumping on this homophobic tirade against a celebrity presidential candidate. Pathetic.

So what does it come down to? Have we become so ignorant that we believe these made up stories or have politicians and their ass kissing news outlets sunk to an all new low?