Small penis pizza pervert busted meeting Connecticut teen on Predator

A 44 year old perverted Lyft driver, admits he has a small penis and then attempts to bring pizza to a teen girl in Connecticut.

This freak drove 2.5 hours in hopes of hooking up with a 13 year old girl. Luckily Chris Hansen was there waiting to meet Jeff Sokol along with the Predator crew and Law Enforcement.

And of course he started the meeting off with trying to hug the girl. People should always suspicious of guys that claim they are “huggers” even when they aren’t full blown weirdos like Jeff Sokol.

“I’m a hugger!” is basically the same as saying, “Women don’t wanna touch me, so I try to force it by pretending to be a super duper friendly touchy guy!” Don’t believe me? Pay attention to the guys that try to pull that shit and you’ll see. The ugly dork face and creepy vibes say it all.

Sokol is such a weirdo creep that even at the end when he speaks with law enforcement, he still continues to insist that a grown man dating and/or marrying a 12 to 16 year old girl is perfectly fine. WTF?!