Huma Abedin Takes Hillary’s Relationship Advice

Huma Abedin has taken plenty of heat over the sexting scandal that plagued her husband, Anthony Weiner.

But being a long time aide and personal friend of the Clinton’s she has gracefully taken notes from Hillary’s own prior fidelity problems that plagued her own husbands career.

Hillary Clinton showed the world that you can get through those tough times with an unfaithful husband and turn things around for the better, not every marriage has to end in divorce.

I’m sure Huma has thought about divorcing Anthony plenty of times but she has seen the progress made by the Clinton’s having been working along side Hillary since 1996, believe it or not.

Both of these women are champions for the progress of women and that includes proving that they can stand by their men through even the toughest of times, which should be commended.

Hillary and Huma Should Be Commended

Even though recent studies have shown that women are far more likely to have affairs, these two women prove that not only that they can stay extremely faithful but that they can stomach, handle and grow from their own husbands affairs without sinking as low as they did.

Not many media outlet have reported on this but it’s about time one of us does! Hillary and Huma both show the charisma, grace and level of forgiveness all women should possess especially during difficult times such as affairs and even sexting.

Not to mention when you have children involved, professional careers and a life in the spotlight it only makes things such as these more difficult to deal with. Imagine how many times both of them have wanted to run away in the midst of the public humiliation but instead of buckling they stood up tall and showed women worldwide exactly how it should be; that marriage is a lifetime commitment.

So don’t feel bad for them except for the fact that such beautiful women had to deal with such situations because they are right where they’ve always wanted to be their husbands true life long partners regardless if they are perverts or have been accused of being serial rapists. Thank you from women everywhere!

How do you feel about it? Could you stand by your man the way these two strong women have?