Vanishing of Madison Scott: Still Missing After 1600+ Days

Madison Scott went missing after she attended a party out in the woods with friends up by Hogsback Lake near Vanderhoof, British Columbia. You can view the location via google maps.

According to those at the party there were around 50 people in attendance, mainly 18 to 25 year olds and a few in the 40s range (not good).

Unfortunately the friend Madison Scott was close with and was going to stay with her left the party around 2:30am and Madison was last seen by herself around the same time. Nothing seemed too odd until the next day when some party goers returned to the campsite and found Madison’s truck and tent were still there but she was no where to be found.

It has now been 1600+ days and she still hasn’t been found. You can read more about the case at the Help Find Madison Scott website or watch the documentary video above. If you have any information please reach out and help this family — it’s never too late.