Ebola in Town (SONG): Meanwhile in Africa

Currently a song has gone beyond viral in Africa, ‘Ebola in Town’ has become almost a theme song of sorts for the people there — and for good reason. Though many may not realize it, we are in the midst of the largest Ebola outbreak in history, that actually started in 2013, with more infections and deaths recorded than ever before. Check the startling stats for yourself.

The song epitomizes a society that is both fearful of their own government as well as the spread of the Ebola virus. That combination not only resonates with them but with people from around the world as we see our own government’s lack of response.

Ebola in Town by Shadow, D-12 and Kuzzy of 2kings

The musicians said that the idea came about spontaneously but they wanted to create something that was catchy, spread awareness but at the same time was something people could dance to and enjoy.

Not for nothing but I truly believe these guys have done more to spread awareness about Ebola to the people of Liberia and beyond, more so than our own United States Government plus they rock auto-tune like no others. Keep up the great work guys!

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