90s Flashback: It Just ‘Feels Good’

Time for a 90s Flashback! Are you old enough to remember “Feels Good” by Tony! Toni! Tone!? If you were growing up in the late 80s and early 90s then you know this jam!

Anyway, the year was 1990 and I would have been up in my room playing with some some ninja turtles and listening to the Top 10 Countdown from my local radio station. Odds are you were probably doing something similar because we all did about the same thing back then. After all we didn’t have the internet or smartphones — we had the radio.

Well from 1990-91 there was one song that was definitely on that Top 10 Countdown and it was “Feels Good” by the three Tony(i)(e)s. Ready for a flashback? I hope so and who better to introduce it then 90s staple Sinbad himself.