4 Facts About Ebola They Aren’t Telling You

We’ve all been hearing about the Ebola outbreak affecting Africa and now affecting us right here at home. The funny thing about this is that even though we’ve been hearing about it nonstop we haven’t heard much about what precautions we should be taking here in the United States and we certainly haven’t heard about how dangerous this virus actually is.

If you watch a lot of television you probably have already heard that we don’t need to be concerned about our health and hell we don’t even need to stop travel to and from the area that is the most infected.

Well I though it seemed a bit odd so after some research over at Public Health Agency of Canada at Publichealth.gc.ca — I came across some interesting findings… Time to face some facts and find out

4 Facts About Ebola They Aren’t Telling You.

1. Ebola Isn’t a Human Only Virus

It’s been shown that the carriers of this virus can be far more than just humans. In actuality studies have show that it not only originates from animals but can be carried by primates, birds, pigs and even dogs!

2. You Can Catch Ebola Like Catching a Cold

Just like a common cold where we can catch it from people sneezing, touching and contaminating surfaces and every other nasty habit some of us humans have — the same applies for Ebola.

Some might like you to believe that catching it occurs solely from blood, semen and close contact with fluids but it’s not. They claim you can’t catch it airborne, yet in laboratory settings they have found that when aerosolized Ebola virus was exposed to non-human primates that they DID BECOME INFECTED.

3. People Are Contagious Without Even Knowing It

We keep hearing that you’re only at risk when around someone who has the virus and you can tell because they have the symptoms. The problem is that the virus can be in them for 2 to 21 days before they even realize something is truly wrong.

That’s a whole lot of sneezing and snotting everything up at work, at stores etc… before even knowing it’s something worse than a cold.

4. Ebola Can Be Passed via Contaminated Surfaces

They say you can only catch it by direct contact with fluids that contain the virus. Well how many of know via our psychic powers who has spit, sneezed, coughed, picked their nose etc… and then rubbed down a surface somewhere? Exactly.

Whether it’s on an airplane or a public restroom, any surface can become a contaminated surface. Some reports claim that it can’t last that long on a surface.

Yet a major study has shown that when dried and stored at around 40 degrees, that the Ebola virus survived for 50 days straight! Ironically enough as we tip toe into more Fall weather it’ll be right around that temperature. Why we haven’t stopped all travel to and from the infected areas is beyond me.

There you have it everyone, without all the delicious sugarcoating that we typically have to deal with and the worst part is that I didn’t even cover everything!

Please spread the word among your friends and family so that we can all take the necessary precautions against the spread of Ebola.


Since releasing this article several major news organizations have covered these topics and more each day are coming forward admitting the realities of the Ebola virus.