George Soros Dumps Cash Into CA District Attorney Race

George Soros pumped some much needed cash into the failing Noah Phillips Campaign according to the Sacramento Bee:

Soros, got outed in the increasingly nasty race for Sacramento County District Attorney.

Incumbent Anne Marie Schubert, who was elected in 2014 with 58 percent of the vote, is struggling to dispatch Noah Phillips, a persistent deputy prosecutor who is running on a platform of progressive criminal justice reform.

Why is she having trouble with him? Soros and some guy that pretends to be black (so we’ve heard) but what matters is Soros is here to save this race so Phillips can win.

So far, Soros has funneled about $400,000 to Phillips through his California Justice & Public Safety PAC; the similarly aligned Real Justice PAC.

Meanwhile, this past week, Sen. Kamala Harris, who received $5,400 from Soros for her 2016 campaign, endorsed Phillips for the June 5 primary.

Hopefully Kamala Harris will keep doing as George Soros wants so they can win more races. He’s giving her money too, so she should keep that in mind for her own future campaigns.