Don’t Blame Walmart for California’s Water Problems

Here we go again. Politicians and bleeding hearts want to blame California’s water shortage problems on Walmart instead of their own corrupt politicians. Surprised? Me Neither.

A recent story pushed by Business Insider via Yahoo News is that people are furious about where Walmart gets the water for their bottled water.

Apparently the spin of the article they wrote is supposed to fire people up about greedy Walmart executives stealing water from public sources, as if they are filling each bottle from the tap. Why? Because that’s how morons write articles, why else? What I want to do is look at what they claim in the article versus what the actual problem is.

So lets begin!

Look at the Negative Spin Towards Walmart!

To start take a look at this quote from the article from Business Insider:

The company sources the water for its “Great Value” brand from Sacramento’s municipal water supply, according to labeling on the gallon jugs, CBS Sacramento reports.

The purpose of that was to make it sound as if Walmart was admitting guilt and then of course that they aren’t the source of the gossip but rather it was from CBS Sacramento — though the link doesn’t work, not that it matters.

Now here’s the second gem listed as a quote within their article:

“It’s certainly leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth when you can’t fill up a swimming pool, if you’re building a new home in West Sacramento; you can’t water your lawn if you’re living in this region.

And to find out they’re making a huge profit off of this, it’s just not right,” public-relations expert Doug Elmets told CBS Sacramento.

Okay so now we have a public relations guy blaming all of West Sacramento’s hardships on the fact that Walmart is buying bottled water they can slap a label on and sell as theirs.

Is he wrong? Of course he is! Let me show you why he is wrong by using their own article to do so.

What People Should Be Pissed About: Not Walmart

People should not be furious about Walmart, they should be pissed off about California’s politicians and government officials. And here’s why from Business Insider’s own article:

Sacramento sells its water to DS Services of America, which bottles it and sells it to Wal-Mart and a number of other retailers across California.

Wait? What? Sacramento sells its own water? How can that be, it’s supposed to be Walmart’s fault! Exactly people, exactly.

Ignorant out of touch politicians and their fan-boys want you to believe business is the source of all things evil when in reality it is the messengers themselves.

Point blank the article tries to spin and blame Walmart when in reality California’s own government sells the water to another company, DS Services of America which then in turn sells their water to a plethora of companies — not just Walmart.

So if the government was really concerned about the drought, they would stop selling the water temporarily or better yet ban water companies from setting up shop in drought stricken areas rather than pad their political paychecks.

The moral of this article is that you can never trust a “journalist” just because someone was dumb enough to give them a job. Research the facts and laugh at their laziness when it comes to doing their job but never ever believe a major media outlet.