Mysterious Highway of Tears in B.C.

There is a 500 mile section of Highway 16 in a remote area of Northern British Columbia, Canada, known to locals as the Highway of Tears. A seemingly beautiful long stretch of scenic road has turned into everything but.

Since 1969 till present there have been somewhere between 18 and 40 women that have gone missing, been the victims of violent murders or sexual assault. Some of the victims seemingly disappeared into thin air, others turned up murder victims but the most puzzling part is the fact that these cases have all gone largely unsolved. The

The majority of these cases have never had any real leads and even investigators are doubtful that they will ever solve all these cases due to lack of evidence and information.

Victims Linked to the Highway of Tears

The victims in this case range from as young as 12 to as old as 33. All of the missing persons and victims have been women and the circumstances leading up to each of them has been puzzling for all involved. The circumstances have ranged from going missing while on a bike ride to being abducted while hitchhiking.

One not often spoke about detail with these cases, is that over half of the missing women were Aboriginal. This fact has lead to many accusations that these or at least some of these disappearances were related to racism.

It has been claimed by those that are proponents of this view that no real attention were give to these cases until Caucasian women had begun to get abducted, however this is denied by investigators.

Most Recent Case File

The most recent case happened in 2011 with the disappearance of Madison Scott, a Vanderhoof native that went missing after a night of camping with friends. To make things even more odd, her truck, tent and all her belongs were still present at the location.

On top of that the last two people to have seen her, both passed polygraph tests — one being her best friend and the other her boyfriend. Shockingly enough her boyfriend’s head was found soon after passing his polygraph, in an abandoned building. His body and Madison Scott have still never been found and the cases remain unsolved.

Highway of Tears Documentary

If you’d like to hear more in depth about this mysterious situation, please check out this documentary on the disappearances on Highway 16.

Though there have been some breakthroughs in these tragic cases, these is still plenty of work to be done and many more cases to solve. If you have any information or know of anyone who might please send all tips to BC Crime Stoppers

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims families involved and we hope they too can gain the comfort of knowing that these criminals are brought to justice.

Please share this article and video with your friends and family to spread awareness and help these families get the closure they truly deserve. We will continue to keep everyone updated on all new findings.