Famous Celebrities Minus Makeup

One of my guilty pleasures from time to time is giving myself a reality check when it comes to the glamorous Hollywood hype. The machine that keeps on trying to convince the world they have a cache of perfectly proper beauty queens who are flawless in every way.

In reality however when you see these same famous celebrities minus makeup it begins to all get crystal clear in the old noggin.

Celebrities are Simply Packaged Products

Not a single one of these celebrities are any more perfect than the next woman on the street but rather they are the equivalent of a Twix bar on a rack next to you in the check-out line at the grocery store.

They are packaged and polished products to be marketed to the masses just like that candy bar is. A team of professionals somewhere have devised the whole look of the packaging and arranged the best to make it become a reality.

That Twix sure does look appetizing laying there all shiny and eye catching.Celebrities are the same way and you’re about to see that in this Famous Celebrities Minus Makeup montage.

So ladies anytime you get feeling down about how you look just stop back and watch this video again!