100+ Ways to Become a Better Mother of Faith

Motherhood will have it’s ups and downs but we should always strive to be better mothers of faith. Our kids need our guidance and our goal should be to help them become the best they can be.

Here’s 10 great tips to get started but you’ll find 91 more on the site to check out:

1. Smile more. Believe it or not our children need smiles from us…not scowls!

2. Make eye contact when communicating with them.

3. Read to them. Even when they get older, read Scriptures out loud. Even older children like this.

4. Do devotions together…age appropriate, of course.

5. Do a project together. This can be arts and crafts or a school project.

6. Help them with their homework.

7. Cook or bake with them.

8. Create family traditions. They not only help bring the family together, they also provide stability and opportunity to keep the family together.

9. Listen more.

10. Ask more.