Dryer Melts but Pizza Box Lives at Duke University

Students at Duke University smelled something stinking up like burning plastic coming from the laundry room. When they went to check it out they found a dryer that was basically melting in place but within it was a pizza box that wasn’t giving up on life just yet.

One of the students came forward to describe the seen,

We went over and looked at the dryers and noticed that one of them was completely melted… then there was this random pizza box that was in the dryer. It looked as though the pizza box had not even been melted, but the plastic of the dryer was melting off.

In fact the rugged cardboard pizza box survived the fire but what ever happened to this little box remains to be seen. Luckily everyone else was safe as well and no one got hurt by the mysterious melting dryer (this happened another time before minus the pizza box).

Now they just have to deal with the mess left behind by sprinklers and the damage left in the laundry room.