Emanuel Cleaver blasphemes God in the name of ‘Brahma’

We ask it in the name of the monotheistic god, Brahma (Brahama), and the God known by many names and faiths. Amen and A-woman.

– Emanuel Cleaver

As we all know, Brahma is a fake Hindu god and is not by any means part of the monotheistic Judaeo-Christian faith. Instead he is trying to be witty in believing that he knows better when it comes to religion then your average person. Cleaver thinks he is being politically correct in the presence of his, for the most part, equally ignorant peers. 

He forgot that when you deny the one true God, you eventually will have to pay the price for your wrongdoing. Nobody prays to God in the name of a demon, or in this instance, a false god known as Brahma.

However there is no need to judge him, because he himself will have to face judgement for his works, rather than receive the grace granted via the acknowledgement of Jesus Christ. When you deny him, you simply don’t receive it.

Oh and for the naysayers, this has zero to do with being liberal or conservative (quit living according to fake labels), this has to do with blasphemy and the denial of Jesus Christ and the one true Father of Creation.