Did P.B. Jams Use Homelessness for Personal Gain?

P.B. Jams is an Oklahoma restaurant whose owner claimed to post a note to a homeless person they suspected of digging in their dumpster but this “viral” story seemed to lack credibility, so being bored and having nothing better to do I decided to take a look.

Good Morning America via Yahoo! has featured the article twice in the past week so it must be important, right? Well it seems more like this may be a case of a small business owner, Ashley Jiron, using this as a way to drum up business rather than to actually help the homeless.

After doing a bit of research it looks like the business owner herself uploaded a photo of the fake sign to Facebook (surprise, surprise) and of course told the story behind it was well.

Seems a bit fishy… after all if someone was truly concerned about the welfare for another person, why would they feel the need to snap a quick photo of the sign beforehand, include some selfies and then tell the story? Exactly.

Selfish and Vain to Scammer Status?

To top things off, as if it couldn’t get any worse, there are now people coming out claiming that the writer behind the article on GMA, Stefanie Tuder, may personally know Ashley Jiron of P.B. Jams.

Did someone say publicity stunt? Well it’s hard to determine everything going on behind the scenes but it’s certainly beginning to unfold.

One thing is for certain about all of this and that is that charity isn’t something that should be done for personal gain or to get your face out there in hopes that Hollywood agents will come knocking down your door.

It is something that should be done because you truly care and because you want to make a difference — even if no one knows you did it.

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