Governor Cuomo Unveils Texting Zones

Don’t worry you didn’t read it wrong. Governor Cuomo stepped outside today for a press conference announcing the new Texting Zone signs!

What’s a texting zone sign? Silly you, it’s a sign that points out that you can use the already existing rest areas and parking spots on New York’s major highways as a place to pull over and text till your thumbs bleed.

If you’re wondering if these spots didn’t already have signs indicating that they existed, well they did. Every exit and rest area already had a sign acknowledging their presence and how far away they were. Seems odd right? Well you must not be from New York.

New York like many other states have made it illegal to use your cell phone while driving and that includes texting but apparently so many people didn’t listen to these new laws that now the people need shiny new blue signs to make sure they know.

Now when traveling thru New York State you can enjoy signs pointing out that, that text message can wait and that you’re only a few miles from a place where you can check out those tweets and text messages, in case you didn’t realize.

But hey on the bright side besides the inflated cost of making these changes that comes right out of your paychecks every week, I’m sure it will do some good especially for the 16 to 21 year old crowd, some of which have difficulty understanding what common sense is.

I for one am not surprised in the lease considering New York is the home of potential soda size bans and other ludicrous ideas brought forth by politicians. Thankfully giving people a reminder that they can text in a rest stop is no where near as bad as a politician trying to tell you what size beverage to enjoy.

So long as they don’t start trying to put a cap on what size french fries I order, I like many others will be able to deal with these new texting signs. Thanks Governor Cuomo for the heads up but please don’t try to touch our fries!

What do you think of these nifty new text messaging signs?

Image via Flickr