How to Choose a Dress That Looks Good on You

All of us ladies know that having that one perfect yet simple dress is our wardrobe is a must have so long as you know how to choose a dress. That last thing any of us want is to walk outside thinking we look fabulous and in reality look like a hot mess.

There is nothing worse than not feeling confident in something you wear, so knowing how to shop according to your body type is a much needed skill in the arsenal of awesomeness.

For those of you who don’t know how to do this, no worries because I’m going to explain how to choose a dress that’s perfectly complimentary to your shape and will leave you feeling like the beautiful swans that you all are. No more ugly ducklings round here!

Step 1: Identify Your Body Type Before Buying a Dress

Most women fit into one of the following different body types:

  • The Hourglass (We all know what this looks like)
  • The Pear Shape (Think of a pear; small at the top and juicier at the bottom)
  • The Apple Shape (Bustier Gals, Broader Shoulders and Torso)
  • The Smartphone (Okay I made this one up but it’s for rectangular shapes)
  • The Circle: (For those of us with a midriff that attracts weight like a magnet)

Now go ahead and check yourself out, decide which category your body falls into and get ready to turn up those dress shopping skills!

Final Step: Choose Dresses That Work for Your Shape

I know you’re probably wondering where the heck the information on that is but don’t worry here it comes. The key to this is choosing styles that work for you and avoiding those that don’t at all costs! Now on we go to learning how to choose a dress like a pro.

The Hourglass

You have by far the easiest and most sought after shape due to how simple it is to pick flattering outfits that will work with your body type.

Due to your naturally wonderful genetics you’ll be able to indulge in all sorts of styles from form fitting and corseted looks to strapless dresses and flare out comfortable styles that are perfect for spring and summer especially.

The only thing you might want to steer clear of are those overly beaded, rhinestone covered, heavily decorated dresses due to the fact they may make you seem much heavier than you may want.

The Pear Shape

As a woman with a smaller top that leads to fuller hips you have a shape that is quite common and very easy to dress. Your focus will be on dresses that enhance your top while drawing the eye away from your hips.

To accomplish this go for dresses that a flare from the waist down and unlike those with the hourglass shape, you can rock those choices with embellished tops which will in turn fill out the top to bring you more into perfect proportion with your lower half.

Another great tip is to try on some two tone options that have a darker bottom and a lighter top. Not only as these cute as can be but they also keep those eyes up top instead of the area you are working to even out.

The Apple Shape

Although this body type is the hardest to dress, it’s about to get a lot easier! Whether you are trying to counteract that big bust, draw attention from your shoulders or even hide away that post-pregnancy belly, these tips will work for all those situations.

For starters stay away from those tiny cap sleeve options, ultra clingy fabrics and dresses with halter style tops. Instead go for a dress option that cinches in a bit at the waist and flares out at the bottom. Basically what you want to do is help create the shape you’re looking for.

A halter dress or clingy option will accentuate broader shoulders, a larger bust and a form fitting choice will draw attention to all the wrong places. So go with something with a V-Neck or a plunging neckline with a fuller skirt to even out your top and bottom. This is create the perfect shape while at the same time eliminated that top heavy look.

The Smart Phone

Now when it comes to you more rectangular ladies you’ll have a slew of options as well because our basic goal here is to increase your curvaceousness while drawing those eyes towards your bust and waist.

To add more fullness to the bust shoot for a dress with ruching, embellishments and beaded tops. This will create the look of a larger bust and add those are curves in the right places. Also dresses that cinch in at the waist such as an empire waist line or even a flared puffy skirt with a form fitting bodice will put those curves right where you want them.

Another easy tip to remember is to nab up dresses with patterns and prints galore because your body type can pull them off as easy as can be.

The Circle

If it seems like no matter what you do those annoying extra pounds head straight for your tummy, don’t fret because I have you covered.

This is a super common problems for tons of women and with a few tricks you can get looking and feeling like a million with ease. What we are gunning for here is elongating the look of your body, drawing those eyes right where we want them and that shape back into your swag.

So you’ll want to focus on slimming styles and for those of you with a larger bust you’ll definitely want to snatch up those plunging necklines which are sure to draw those eyes right up towards your face (close enough anyway!).

An A-Line dress with a deep V-Neck is a sure winner when it comes to this shape. Stay away from tons of patterns, prints and choices that cover all of your skin. Empire style choices also help to put that waist line where you want it while knowing the gradual flare will conceal your tummy, waist and hips.

Well there you have it girls! Follow those simple tips and you’ll be on your way to looking fabulous because now you’ll know how to choose a dress and pull it off like a professional. Now go get ’em!