GM Crushes Buy American Movement

General Motors has had their fair share of problems in the past. So much so that they were in need of tax payer money to keep them afloat during the midst of the still ongoing recession. It was certainly a love hate relationship between the American public and GM during this time.

After a number of years they paid back their bailout money and Americans began to slowly but surely start to take pride once again in buying a domestic car rather than the usual foreign import. Obviously GM Cars are not completely American Made but it’s about as close as we can get anymore for the most part. It all sounds like a fairytale love story if you ask me.

A bad situation turned into a good one with the repayment of their bailout and the resurgence of customers who once are wanting to buy American more and more. Unfortunately that little love story came to a crashing halt when the first batch of recalls came out. Yet even at that point no one was too alarmed because of the fact that — ever car company has recalls sometimes.

GM Crushes the Balls of Buy American

Well unfortunately it didn’t end up just being one recall it ended up being several with more continuing to come out practically on a weekly basis. Oh and we aren’t talking about a few thousand cars with a fault check engine light.

We are talking about 20 million automobiles and trucks in 2014 alone! To make matters worse they knew about it a decade earlier and did nothing about. They just kept on pumping them out.

Could there possibly be a worse way of making a comeback then what GM has accomplished? Better yet can there be a more harsh kick in the balls or slap in the face then this when it comes to the American public? We bailed you out, bought your cars again and then get the privilege of driving around cars that can kill us?

This has to be the absolute worst FAIL in automaker comeback history. What do you think about the whole situation? Has your car or truck been recalled? Let us know!