Violence on TV: Just Chill on That

Violence on TV? Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m talking about today. With domestic violence once again being a major topic in the news as of lately, it really got me thinking about violence in general. The more thinking I did the more questions I had. I was asking myself things such as:

  • Why are we increasingly becoming more violent?
  • Why are we so accepting of some types of violence and not of others?
  • What makes people act like this and not even shows signs of remorse?

Questions like that are usually being asked when we are talking about religious wars not about day to day life but that’s because many of us live in our own bubbles. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. What’s with all the damn violence?

Becoming Desensitized to Violence

Everyday we hear on the news about more violence overseas, more wars, more problems in the hood and crap that leaves most of feeling like our brains are about to explode. So how the heck did we get this way? We are supposed to become more civilized, remember?

First of all I’m not proclaiming to be an expert (not arrogant enough) but my belief is that at least 50 percent of this problem is stemming from television. Yep, the good ole’ TV. You might be wondering about the other 50 percent but I’ll get to that in a separate article.

Television is something I personally love and enjoy watching on a regular basis. I’m talking Master Chef, Big Brother, I mean you name it and I’m probably watching it unless it’s some CSI type b.s..

My point is I love TV but I also skip plenty of channels due to far too much violence and just plain nasty stuff. Sometimes it seems like every 3 channels I’m either seeing someone getting hurt or an animal abused or a news story about something crazy going on. I mean what is with that? It’s us becoming desensitized to violence.

You’re Probably Old and Out of Touch

Who said that? No I’m not old and out of touch. I’m what the media calls a millennial and I can’t stand half of what’s on TV. With all the cage fighting and people shooting each other, I stick with stuff that is funny or at least interesting to watch.

The problem is that far too many of us are now just accepting that this is normal television viewing pleasure when in reality we should be telling them to quit with the constant pushing of violent material on all of us including children.

Don’t get me wrong I would never give up freedom of speech or any other freedom whatsoever but they should make all the violence be available on pay-per-view only because it’s warping peoples minds.

Executives would scoff at the idea, even though every study done has proven that viewing of violent material warps your brain and ups the odds that you’ll be a violent person or at least lack empathy when it comes to others being abused.

We must all realize that not all of us are 100 percent sane and when you throw boatloads of prescription drugs into the mix, you’re talking about a recipe for deranged behavior.

When you bombard people that are mentally ill, slightly off their rocker or even just depressed, with graphic displays of violence all the time — what do we expect to happen?

Please feel free to get in on the discussion and share your thoughts on violent television or even just violence in general.