Woman Has Parkinson’s Sniffing Super Power

This woman, or superwoman has a Parkinson’s Disease sniffing superpower that she first noticed with her husband.

Has her superpower been tested? Yep.

The BBC interviewed Dr. Tilo Kunath, a Parkinson’s UK fellow at the school of biological sciences at Edinburgh University, that had met and worked with the superwoman:

“The first time we tested Joy we recruited six people with Parkinson’s and six without. We had them wear a t-shirt for a day then retrieved the t-shirts, bagged them and coded them.

“Her job was to tell us who had Parkinson’s and who didn’t. Her accuracy was 11 out of 12. We were quite impressed.”

Apparently she even claimed one of them had it though the “professionals” claimed otherwise but she was right.

That person was later diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.