The Gospel of Thomas Uncovered

The Gospel of Thomas or as it was originally titled The Gospel According to Thomas is an early Christian writing that was uncovered outside Nag Hammadi, Egypt during the winter of 1945 among a collection of 52 other writings. It is part of what are known as the Nag Hammadi library.

These writings are quite mysterious due to the fact that unlike the other books we can find in the New Testament, this one is no where to be found as in it wasn’t included.

But within the text there is something peculiar and that it is made up of 114 sayings from Jesus Christ himself it attributes. Many of the sayings are similar to the ones you can read in the Canonical Gospels but many others are not.

The so called experts have claimed that it’s because Gnostic Christians added them to the originals but there is much room for doubt and perhaps it may have been the other way around.

Maybe the powers that be did not want the other ones to be available to the public? The introductory statement within the writings only adds to the mysteriousness;

These are the hidden words that the living Jesus spoke and Didymos Judas Thomas wrote them down.

Without regard to the fact Thomas is included within other biblical texts, scholars also claim that the true author is unknown so they attempt to discredit it.

Whether or not they are right or wrong is still to be seen. Below is a video e-book that breaks down the entire Gospel of Thomas including all 114 sayings of Jesus.

Check it out for yourself and see if you too can understand the meanings behind them.